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  • We are a global full service supplier for components and sub-assemblies
  • Whole range of different technologies in main Automotive global markets.
  • Enabling the selection of the tecnology that fullfils better customers needs.

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CIE Automotive supera los 3.700 millones de euros en 2017, con un beneficio neto de 215 millones

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CIE Automotive reaches 215 million euros net profit in 2017, with turnover above 3,700 million euros


CIE Automotive has beaten its own records by achieving 3,724.5 million euros turnover in 2017, 29% more than the previous year.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight a 27% Aumotive sales growth, including a 16% organic growth accomplished in a global market that has grown a 2%. The company has performed well above the market in all geographies in which it is present. This growth has been accompanied by significant operative margin improvements: EBITDA - gross operating margin - of 530.4 million euros, 30% more than in 2016, and EBIT - net operating profit - of 376.2 million euros, 35% higher. During 2017, the net profit has been 215.4 million euros, 33% more than in 2016, what means exceeding market expectations. 



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CIE Automotive 2017

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