Ethical channel

CIE Automotive, S.A. dispone de un canal ético a través del cual todas las personas que forman parte de la organización, pueden notificar irregularidades o incumplimientos que falten a la ética, la integridad o atenten contra los pautas establecidas en el Código de Conducta. Todas las comunicaciones recibidas son tratadas de forma confidencial.

CIE Automotive has an ethical channel through which everybody in the organisation can report any irregularities or infringements against ethics, integrity or the guidelines laid down in the Code of Conduct. All communications received are treated confidentially.

Consult the ethical channel regulations here.

The mechanisms put in place by CIE Automotive are the following:


- Electronic ethical channel:

- Post sent to the Compliance Department at the following address:


Alameda Mazarredo 69, 8th floor Zip Code: 48009 Bilbao (Bizkaia), Spain

- Using the following form:

Ethical channel

Data Protection Clause

The personal data supplied by the interested party, and any they might supply in the future, will be kept at the responsibility of CIE Automotive, S.A. The interested party may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection in respect of their personal data by writing to the headquarters of CIE Automotive, S.A. at Alameda Mazarredo 69, 8º - Bilbao postcode 48009 (Vizcaya).

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