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Data sent to the Corporate Portal by people interested in sending their curriculum vitae will be treated appropriately at all times, in accordance with the stipulations of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December 1999. Candidates explicitly consent to the company processing, automatically or otherwise, the personal data they send into the company portal, including any technical operations and procedures, automatic or otherwise, which allow their collection, saving, storage, processing, alteration, blocking and deletion. Candidates further consent to their personal data being sent, for the purposes of proper implementation and monitoring of the global policies of the CIE AUTOMOTIVE group in the area of human resources, to whatever companies in the group the company deems appropriate. In any other case, the company will not pass on the candidate’s personal data to other people or entities, whether private or public, without their prior consent.

For the purposes of this clause, “personal data” will be taken to mean any information related to the candidate and necessary for the purposes of the above-mentioned processing, such as their full name, age, marital status, personal contact details, number of children, remuneration, positions and jobs held, curriculum vitae, participation in training courses, etc. The candidate can exercise their rights of objection, access, rectification or cancellation with regard to their personal data on the terms provided for in applicable legislation.

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