Metal Stamping & Tube Forming

CIE is one of the leading companies on Metal Stamping components for Automotive Global market.
We are able to Stamp components with different procesess and in various countries around the globe.
Some of our Key components are Gasoline rails, Steering Columns, Body In White, Chassis components as well as various Seat assemblies.
We supply components to most of the OEMs and Tier 1 in the Industry.

Metal Stamping & Tube Forming Highlights

Production plants: 21

Turnover: 929 M€ (2023)

Components for Brake Boosters, Steering and Seats / Injection Rails for Gasoline Engines, Body in White components and Assemblies, Chassis welded assemblies …


  • Transfer stamping & Progressive Stamping
  • Robotized Press Lines
  • Welding of all kinds (spot, laser, MAG, brazing, …)
  • Painting (KTL, ecoat, …)

Progressive (100 T - 2.500 T) Transfer (400T - 2.500 T) Press lines (G1, G2, G3)