Your global partner for your local solutions

CIE Automotive has developed Forging Capabilities to support our customer's needs wherever they are requested.

Being one of the world major forging firms, we continuously strive to keep on improving our processes in order to be the preferred partner to all our customers worldwide.

Forging highlights

Production plants: 15

Turnover: 695 M€ (2023)

PASSENGER CAR: Crankshafts, Common Rail, Pistons, Hybrid Rotor, Exhaust Flanges, Connecting Rods, Pinion shaft, CVT Components, Hybrid Driveshaft, Flange shafts, Differential Crown, CV.Joints and Pinions, Tulips and Outer races, Wheel Hubs and chassis brackets.
TRUCK & OTHERS: Front Axle beam, Knuckles, Camshafts, Spindles,Axle shafts, Brake camshafts and others.


  • Vertical and Horizontal Presses for passenger car and truck components.
  • Hot and Warm Forging.
  • Close and Open die.
  • Manual and Automatized procceses.
  • Raw Parts, Pre machined and finished parts.
  • Cold calibration complementary processes and others.

Presses from 700 Tn to 12.800 Tn
Heat Treatment capabilities
Upsetters & Electro upsetter