Environmental, Social and Governance criteria

CIE Automotive implements and fosters ethical and responsible behaviour throughout its value chain in order to meet the expectations of the stake holders with whom it has relations, involving top management and all employees. CIE Automotive wants to be seen as a unique project, a long-term winner, a pioneer and a benchmark. For all these reasons, reputation and transparency are of great importance.


The United Nations Global Compact is an international initiative promoting implementation of 10 universally-accepted principles to encourage business social responsibility in the areas of human rights, labour regulations, the environment and the struggle against corruption in companies’ negotiations and business strategy.

With the backing of our CEO, in October 2015 CIE Automotive joined the United Nations Global Compact to develop, implement and so disseminate policies and practices of business sustainability.

UN Global Compact

Red Española Pacto Mundial

un Global Compact


When we talk about Social Action we are referring to the use of human, technical or financial resources to help the less advantaged groups in society.

At CIE Automotive we are aware of our responsibility to the setting in which we do business and that is why we focus our social programmes on needs and expectations for local development through measures such as volunteer actions, projects, cooperation agreements, educational programmes and so on.

At CIE Automotive we aim for our progress to be that of the communities around us as well.

“Walking Towards the Future" Project

Last November 2019, we visited the "Walking Towards the Future" project in Puebla (Mexico), in which we collaborated with Save the Children.

This project aims to provide skills and abilities to young people at risk or in deprivation that increases their chances of acquiring decent employment, and so we can break the intergenerational cycles of poverty.

The project began to be developed in April 2019, and about 800 young people are already participating in the project. During the visit we had the opportunity to meet the representatives of the different CONALEP (National College of Technical Professional Education) and the teachers. In addition, we were able to speak and meet the expectations of some and some of the program participants.


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