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Steering Committee Composition
Jesús María Herrera

Jesús María Herrera Barandiaran

Jesús María Herrera is our CEO. A graduate of Business Studies and Economics from the Basque University, Mr. Herrera also holds a Masters of International Expansion (from Euroforum). He joined CIE Automotive as CFO in 1991, also heading up the HR function for CIE Orbelan. In 1995, he was named Deputy Manager and in 1998 he was promoted to General Manager. In 2000, he took over management of CIE Brazil and in 2002, of CIE Plasfil. That same year he was named Global Director of CIE Plástico, a position he held until 2005, when he became the general manager of CIE America. He has been the CEO of Autometal S.A. since 2010 and in 2011 he was named COO for the Group, although just a year later he would be named General Manager of CIE Automotive. In 2013, the Board of Directors appointed Mr. Herrera as CEO of CIE Automotive. He is also a director at Global Dominion Access, S.A.

Ander Arenaza

Ander Arenaza Álvarez

Ander Arenaza Álvarez is our Director of Aluminium and Machining Divisions and CEO of MCIE. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Superior Engineering School of Bilbao and also holds an MBA from Deusto University (Bilbao). He began his career in 1993 in Fagor Ederlan. In 2000 he joined Recyde Group as General Manager. When Recyde Group was taken over by CIE Automotive in 2007, Mr. Arenaza was appointed Machining Division Director. In 2009 he was also appointed Aluminum Division Director at CIE Automotive. Mr. Arenaza is the Chief Executive Officer of CIE Automotive India, which has been listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange since July 26, 2016.

Lorea Aristizabal

Lorea Aristizabal Abasolo

Lorea Aristizabal Abasolo is our Director of Corporate Development. She holds a degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Management, both from Deusto University, in addition to being CESGA® certified. She began her career in 1999 in the Comisión Nacional del Sistema Eléctrico (currently CNMC). Mrs. Aristizabal later worked for Arthur Andersen y Cía., S.Com. (currently Deloitte España, S.L.) for almost four years, mainly focused on energy and communication sectors. She joined our Company in 2003, where she began in the Corporate Financial Department, and she moved later in 2010 to the operative European division as controller. Already under Corporate Development, she has been leading our M&A and our Investor and Market Relations Departments since 2014 and also our Marketing & Corporate Communication Department since 2016. Besides, she is member of the Board of Directors of SERNAUTO (Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers) and Patron of Spain India Council Foundation.

José Luis Castelo

José Luis Castelo Sánchez

José Luis Castelo Sánchez is our Director of Stamping in Mexico. He graduated in Industrial Delineation and Mechanical Design. He joined the technical office of CIE Egaña in 1996 as Project and Design Manager. Since 2005 he has been working in Mexico, firstly as the Technical Director of CIE Celaya and since 2008 as Technical Director of CIE America. In 2015 he was also appointed General Manager of CIE Celaya, CIE Nugar and CIE Puebla.

María Miñambres

María Miñambres García

María Miñambres García is our Director of Corporate Controlling and Taxes. She holds a degree in Business Administration from the Basque University and a Masters in Auditing from the IE Business School. Mrs. Miñambres also holds a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Deusto. She began her career in 2002 as an Auditor in Deloitte and joined our Company in 2007 as Management Controller. She has been leading our Corporate Controlling and Taxes Departments since 2014.

Susana Molinuevo

Susana Molinuevo Apellániz

Susana Molinuevo Apellániz is our Director of ESG & Compliance. She holds a Degree in Economics and Finance from Deusto University. She began her career in 1992 as an auditor in PwC. In 1997 she entered Inssec as a controller, where she also developed tasks related to, among other tasks, finance negotiations, M&A operations, and board reporting. Currently, she carries out those tasks in CIE holding companies and is now Director of ESG & Compliance in CIE Automotive.

Irache Pardo

Irache Pardo Villanueva

Irache Pardo Villanueva is our Director of Financial & Treasury and Corporate Purchasing Officer. She holds a degree in Economic Law from the University of Deusto, a Masters in Purchasing Management from ICIL (2002) and a Superior Course in Management from DBS (2010). She started her career at Audi England, worked at Mulliez Group in France and in 1999 she joined Reckitt Benckiser for 9 years. She has been part of CIE Automotive since 2007, when she entered the Company as Corporate Purchasing Officer. In January 2019, she became Finance & Treasury Director, in combination with her previous duties.

Alexandre Torres

Alexandre Torres Colomar

Alexandre Torres Colomar is our Director of Plastics in Brazil & Mexico. He holds a Business Administration degree from FAAP. He joined our Company in 1989 as Controlling Assistant of Autometal Diadema and later worked as Sales Manager. In 2002 he became General Manager of Camaçari plant and also of Dias D’Ávila and Durametal in 2011. In 2015, he was appointed Director of Plastics Brazil and in 2017 Director of Plastics Latin America.

Justino Unamuno

Justino Unamuno Urcelay

Justino Unamuno Urcelay is the Director of Forging and Stamping Divisions in Europe and China. Mr. Unamuno graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Mondragón University and has a Masters degree in Production Management from the Nottingham Trent University in England. He has developed his career in companies such as Copreci, Alcorta Brockhaus, Indaux and GKN Driveline working in different management key positions. He joined CIE Automotive in 2004 as Managing Director of CIE Norma. In 2007, he was appointed Managing Director of CIE Egaña and in 2008 he took over all the plants of the Metal Division in Europe. In 2010, he was appointed Managing Director of the Forging Division in Europe and in 2011, Managing Director of Metal and Forging Chinese Operations.

Aitor Zazpe

Aitor Zazpe Goñi

Aitor Zazpe Goñi is our Director of Plastics Europe and Roof Systems Divisions, as well as Human Resources Director. He holds a degree in industrial engineering. He began his career in 1995 in Ismanet. He then joined Orbelan Plásticos in 1995 as Commercial Manager, before moving to Tajo S. Coop, and then joining CIE Automotive in 2003, as a General Manager of CIE Orbelan. In 2011, he became Managing Director of the Plastic Division in Europe and later, in 2014, became our ACS Group (Roof Systems Division) Chairman. He is also our Human Resources Director.

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