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CIE Automotive Chairman Antón Pradera shares his analysis of the future, based on the trends of recent years and with a realistic and clear vision of where the industry is heading

Forecasting the future has always been a daring task. Even more so at a time when we are emerging from three major shocks that have affected the entire world, both on a personal and professional level.

I am referring to the 2009 crisis, which shook the foundations of the system and from which we have not fully recovered; to the pandemic of 2020, from which we are still witnessing the tails of the different variants of Covid-19; and to climate change and energy transition measures, which pose major challenges for the industry in general, and for the automotive industry in particular.

Each of these waves is in itself a major challenge that every company must understand and address by measuring its risk map. If all three are added together in a relatively short space of time, a real tsunami is produced that only excellent management can successfully resolve.

And in this respect, the Basque Country has an advantage. Not only do we have a long industrial tradition, a diversified and balanced economy or an active industrial policy of our Administration. We have first class professionals who have been trained in many situations over the years, which makes them our best guarantee for the future. We have a business culture that is worthy of admiration and that we must take care of.

Therefore, despite all the uncertainties, we can look forward to the coming year with optimism. It will be a year of transition where many of the current problems, such as the supply of raw materials or semiconductors, will be solved, and where consumers around the world will be returning to normality, eager to make up for lost time.

Source: El Correo