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CIE Automotive promotes the presence of women in technical studies through an illustrative video at one of our forging plants


The company showcased to 14-18 year olds the practical application of their technical studies with the example of the CIE Galfor plant.

CIE Automotive seeks to promote the presence of women in technical studies and, to this end, has teamed up with the Wikigrado/Wikioficio application to show, through a video, the practical application of technical studies at our plant in Orense, Spain, CIE Galfor. IES 12 Octubre has also collaborated in the video, so that it includes a sample of what studies can be taken and what are the opportunities that these studies have.

Wikigrado/ Wikioficio is an application focused on guiding young people - and those older people who want to resume their studies - in their choice of professional career. The app shows, through videos starring teachers from public and private entities, what each course consists of, as well as the different job opportunities, with testimonials from more than 130 professionals.

Video only available in Spanish.