null CIE Automotive, premiada por su gestión en 11ª edición del Premio Bizkaired Bizkaia Sarean

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CIE Automotive, awarded for excellence in management at the 11th edition of the Bizkaired Awards


Lorea Aristizabal, Head of Corporate Development, collected the award at the event held at the Itsasmuseum in Bilbao

On March 30th, the Bizkaia Business Network Association, Bizkaired, held its eleventh Bizkaia Sarean Awards ceremony, during which CIE Automotive was honoured in the "Management" category. These business awards have been held every year since 2011 with the aim of distinguishing the work of managers, companies, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and institutions in the region, as well as recognising the work of major companies in Bizkaia whose major projects serve as an example for young entrepreneurs who, with enthusiasm and tenacity, join forces to become the generational successors to Bizkaia's business infrastructure.

Bizkaia Sarean has, in all its editions, the presence of relevant personalities from the business, institutional, political and social arenas of Bizkaia, both in their deliberation as members of the jury, as well as in the award ceremony. Lorea Aristizabal, CIE Automotive's Head of Corporate Development, collected the award on behalf of the company at the event held at the Itsasmuseum in Bilbao.

In addition to CIE Automotive, other award winners included Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, Velatia Chairman Javier Ormazabal, the Bizkaia Technology Park and companies such as Tokitu, Zunibal, the Ormaetxea lottery, La gota de leche, Food for Heroes Bizkaia and GHI Hornos industriales.