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Driven by the company’s spirit of continuous improvement and fostering its active and committed participation in the global environment

Bilbao, 10.06.2021 – CIE Automotive presented today its 2020 Tax Contribution Report, the instrument with which the company aims to disclose its tax and social contribution, as well as to share concepts such as its tax strategy, its risk management and policies, and its approach to transfer pricing, among many other aspects.

The presentation of this report is a further step forward after CIE Automotive applied just a few weeks ago to adhere to the State Tax Administration Agency's (AEAT) Code of Good Tax Practices with the sole purpose of reaffirming its commitment to the implementation of the indications and recommendations contained therein.

According to Jesús María Herrera, CEO, "We are fully aware of the emerging social, institutional and investor demand for transparency in relation to our activities; including our fiscal and tax policies and practices. In response to this claim, I am pleased to present this Tax Contribution Report, which aims to step forward in this spirit of transparency we have been working on".

And he continues, "A contribution performed in a convinced and committed manner for each of the people, stakeholders and companies who are part of CIE Automotive".


The 2020 Fiscal Contribution Report can be accessed via the company's corporate website, in this link.