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CIE Automotive increases net profit by 20% reaching 82.6 million euros


The company has had a turnover of 1,349.5 million Euros in the first semester 2016

CIE Automotive maintains its extraordinary evolution in the second semester of the year, with a net result of 82.6 million Euros between January 1st  and June 30th, a 20% increase in comparison to results during the same period in 2015. During this first semester 2016, CIE Automotive achieved a turnover of 1,349.5 million Euros, similar to the one in 2015, with an EBITDA of 200.8 million, 7% up, and a net profit – EBIT – of 138.8 million, 12% up versus 2015.


According to Jesús María Herrera, CEO of the company, “in this 1st Semester we have surpassed the Strategic Plan’s forecast concerning profit, due to the continuous improvement of our operations”.


Antón Pradera, President of CIE Automotive, affirms that “we continue intensifying our worldwide presence with a clear focus on geographic diversification, with Asia accounting for 12% of our sales. This trend will increase in the following quarters”.


CIE Automotive has among its targets achieving a 12% EBIT as well as doubling 2015 net profit in five years’ time. The company continues growing in Asia and integrating strategic companies in order to consolidate itself as one of the most important players in the world.