CIE Newcor RGI Clifford

CIE Newcor RGI Clifford

Rochester Gear, Inc. (RGI), one of three Newcor subsidiaries, began serving the automotive market in 1942 as a Tier I and Tier II supplier of shafts, pinions, gears, couplers, brackets, and other critical components. Operating out of a 75,000 sq. ft. facility in Clifford, MI, RGI has several areas of specialty, including: Metallurgical Laboratory Services, prototype support and manufacturing powertrain components and systems. That’s why you’ll find 100+ team members committed to engineering processes and producing the highest quality, top functioning powertrain components available on the market today.

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RGI Rochester Gear Inc.

9900 Main Street Clifford, Mi 48727
Tel.: (989)761-7521
Fax: (989)761-7179

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