CIE Zdanice

CIE Zdanice

CIE Ždánice s.r.o., is located in Ždánice, Czech Republic - 80 Km from Brno, a location with a long industrial tradition. CIE Ždánice is the result of the merger of business of two companies: • Sroubarna Ždánice: Czech company founded in the 50's and specialized in cold forging technology. • Recyde CZ: Greenfield established in 2006 in Ždánice specialized in machining. The company joined CIE Automotive Group in February 2007. The main activity of CIE Ždánice is manufacturing of steel and aluminium components for the automotive industry by the use of combined technologies.

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CIE Zdanice, s.r.o.

Nadrazni 418.
69632 Zdanice. Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 51 830 54 51
Fax: +420 51 832 52  06

Technologies and Products

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