MCIE Zaheerabaad

MCIE Zaheerabaad

This plant established in May 2015, has a manufacturing area of 7,500 sq.mtrs. It is equipped with 4 presses ranging from 500T to 1000T with fully functioning robotic assembly and roll forming facility.

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MCIE Zaheerabaad

Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd.
Stampings Division,35/A, Village Buchinelly,
Mahindra Vendor Park, APIIC Industrial Area,
Zaheerabaad, Dist.- Medak,
Telengana, India- 502 228
Tel.: +91 2114 255292
Fax: +91 2114 255293


Technologies and Products

We use these technologies in MCIE Zaheerabaad: Metal Stamping & Tube Forming >