CIE PEMSA Saltillo

CIE PEMSA Saltillo

PEMSA Saltillo began operations in 2008 as part of CIE Automotive Group. Our mission: We are specialists in management processes with high added value. We seek excellence by committing to continuous improvement of processes, we promote the participation, involvement and teamwork in a friendly and secure environment. Transparency and integrity in all our actions and respect the environment. Currently, we are painting the pick-up boxes in a just-in-time process in over 25 different colours.

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PEMSA Saltillo

Servidumbre de Paso 851 P1
Parque Industrial Santa Mónica, Ejido Derramadero,
Saltillo Coah. CP 25300, Mexico
Tel.: +52 (844) 986 00 60

Technologies and Products

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