Takeover Bids

Instituto Sectorial de Promoción y Gestión de Empresas, S.A.

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General details (Spanish version)

Acquisitions of transfers of shareholdings

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21/09/2005: Comunication of the result of the operation (Spanish version)
19/07/2005: Report of the board of directors of CIE Automotive on the takeover bid (Spanish version)
15/07/2005: Report of the competence service (Spanish version)
15/07/2005: Resolution of the competence service (Spanish version)
15/07/2005: Announcement (Spanish version)
06/07/2005: Autorisation (Spanish version)
04/07/2005: Takeover bids prospectus (Spanish version)
Request (Spanish version)

Suspension of negotiations and uprisings

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Suspension of negotiations and uprising (Spanish version)